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New Year’s Eve 2024: A Sicilian Dream at Your Table

“New Year’s Eve 2024: A Sicilian Dream at Your Table”

On this enchanting New Year’s Eve, Ristorante Balata invites you to an extraordinary culinary journey celebrating the soul of Sicily. From the Amuse-Bouche ‘Married Spleen Pillow’ to the classic flavours of ‘Sicilian Tuna Cube with Onion Confit’, each dish pays tribute to our rich culinary heritage. Be enticed by the rustic charm of handmade Panelle and Crocchè, the bold flavours of Half Paccheri with Sardines, and the sweet finale of Castellammare Cassatella with cocoa and chocolate. Each bite unfolds a story, a legacy, a passion for Sicily, reflected in every detail of our New Year’s menu.

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Amouse bouche

• Married Spleen Pillow


• Traditional Caponata – Handcrafted Panelle and Crocchè

• Meat and Butter Arancinette – Salted Sfincette with Sfincione Sauce


• Half Paccheri with Sardines, Wild Fennel, and Toasted Breadcrumbs

• Traditional Baked Pasta Timbale


• Sicilian Tuna Cube with Onion Confit on a Bed of Mixed Vegetables

• Lentils Served Centre Table


• Castellammare Cassatella with Cocoa and Chocolate, Panettone

Water, Wine, and Prosecco for Toasting included

€ 85,00 per Person

“Toasting to the Future with Flavours of the Past!”